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Haydn's Journal

Haydn Richards
13 May 1982
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Hello, my name is Haydn and I am 21! haha Am I heck - I am 30 but wish I was 21 again. I'm a very proud Welshmen living in Altrincham, Cheshire. I moved to Manchester sometime ago and never looked back. As I have gotten older I have seriously considered moving back home to Wales to be close to my family and friends.

I would have to say I am an honest, decent and genuine gay guy. Yes, I am a big woofter if you didn't already guess from my posts. Like everyone, I have my faults but do make a very loyal friend. I am a typical Taurus - stubborn, careful and loving. Apparently I am supposed to be patient - Pah!

95% of my entries are extremely personal and are put to 'Friends Only' for obvious reasons. Generally I tend to add people if they are like me - Love blogging, friendly and genuine so feel free to add me.

Not sure if there is more I can say... so hopefully I will speak to you soon!

Haydn x

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