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Simply No Time..

I promised I would start writing more in my diary but I really haven’t had the time. In fact, these days I barely have time to eat let alone write an entry. But it’s all good… Because over the past 6 weeks my life has changed so much it’s unreal. For the better? – I really don’t know.

First I better update things with me and Dan – We lasted a good 5 weeks before it came to an end. We did everything far to quickly and from week 2 we were practically living together. We would spend almost every waking moment together and for someone who had been single for such a long time I found this pretty difficult. Don’t get me wrong, I was really into Dan in a big way and visa versa but things got to much and I ended it one drunken night.

Secondly – I no longer work at Royal Mail. I quit the job over a month ago because I felt I was being treated unfairly and because I knew the changes they were bringing in wouldn’t be good for me, the customer or even the company. Fortunately my boss at the bar wanted me to work full time and has accommodated my hours perfectly. Although I have to work alot more as my hourly pay is different, I know I am valued as a team member and feel I am treated fairly. My boss is now putting me forward for training to earn my own Personal License which means that if she is away, I can effectively run the club in her absence and deal with the police should I need too. She also want’s to make me Bar Supervisor which is great news. I don’t think it’s extra money but it’s experience.

Ideally one day I would like to own/run a pub, bar or club… so any experience is good experience.

Last week I had to kick out my flat mate, the b..tard stole from me. He got sacked from his last job for stealing and I should of really seen the sort of person he was then, a thief, a liar and a cheat. He didn’t even defend himself when I accused him of stealing but knew he had because my money jar had money missing. He still owes me money and I plan to take him to a small claims court to get it back. He has no idea what’s coming to him…

Umm… I am sure there so much more but I can’t think!

Like I said, my life has changed so much recently and getting time to sit down, relax and think has become a rarity. I really am going to try and make more of an effort to update my journal, and read others too.

Hope all are well…


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I'm glad to hear that things are going well for you Haydn. I've definitely missed you, my dear friend!

Good luck with everything - I hope you do own your own club one day!

good to hear things are on the up!

similar reasons prompted me to quit my job. i have 3 days left!


xx strong!


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