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Update: Princess
I got a call last night from the Vet's and they confirmed after blood tests and an ultra-scan that she has a condition called: Pyometra - which is an infection of the uterus. The Vet said they have her on a drip and are giving her fluids for the time being and would either operate last night or this morning. The solution is to have her spayed and cleaned out.

She said Princess was doing really well and was quite happy. :)

They also said that I might be able to collect her today, if she's not 100% after the operation they might keep her in another night. I am so pleased.

I am to call in a few hours to find out what the state of play is and can update again! :)

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At least you won't need to deal with her monthlies anymore ;)
I hope that she has a speedy recovery :)

Good news! I hope she gets to come home soon :)

oh, that's such a relief :]

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