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Princess is in Hospital..

image .. I mentioned a few days ago my concern for Princess and I honestly thought she was on the mend but today I decided it was best I get her checked up by the Vet. I took her down, they had a look at her and they asked me to take her to the Animal Hospital which I did as she may need surgery. They got me to sign some forms and they took her in for the night.

It turns out she has an infection in her "bits" and does need to be removed. I'm not exactly sure what they will do but hopefully she'll be alright and I can see her real soon. I cannot express how I felt when I had to say goodbye to her, it's funny because around 6 months ago I was talking about giving her away and now - I can't bare to see her go. I was told I am to call around 10pm tonight to find out what they plan to do with her...etc.

The vet said it'll probably cost around £250 but my insurance will cover that (minus the excess). Woo! I am so glad I took out insurance I really am.

Anyways, I am doing some cleaning before she comes back. She's scared of the hoover so the sooner it's done the better. No idea when she is back but soon as poss. I guess I will find out tonight at 10pm!

Will update REAL soon.


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