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oh I'm back!
I so miss writing my blog, I have said this so many times but writing about my day., how in feeling etc is such a release. if I was a counsellor I would recommend this to my patients. lol so how is everybody?! last night was awesome, and I felt so sound to be british, not english, british. we went to an open air screening of the last night of the proms. we got quite drunk, enjoyed the best in classical music and all sung to 'rule britainnia' was fantastic. then finished the night drinking and listening to music. couldn't ask for a better weekend. now all I want is to chill out and enjoy the sun while it lasts. lol so, like I said... how is everybody? x x

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Glad you're back Haydn. I've missed having you around! :3 If you wanna know what's been going on with me, go back to July 10th on my journal and have a read. I think you missed it on FB.

Oh my god... Cheri, I am devastated to read the news of your marriage ending. Firstly I want to start off by saying you are an amazing person, and I have the biggest respect for you.. period.

It's unfortunate your marriage has come to an end, it's also unfortunate that Karl is being quite difficult about the whole thing.

I have always thought marriage is a sacred bond you share between 2 hearts, and although the bond is unbreakable, it does have faults. I hope you come out of all of this a stronger person. You won't come out a better because, you already are 'the better person'.

If you EVER need to talk, EVER... just message me and I will call you. Calls to Canada are not expensive, and I am always here for you.

Big hugs, love and more hugs! xxx

Aww Haydn, thank you so much! Any time you want to call me up, that would be great. I've got Skype, so we can always Skype chat if you want too. :3 I'm in school now - 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday - and am studying to become a Web Designer.

This thing with Karl has devastated me too. It was sooo unexpected and completely floored me. Even now, 2 months later, I still find myself wondering why. There are moments when I just break down. Yesterday I smelled wood smoke from a neighbour's backyard fire... and I started thinking of Karl and how we used to go camping.. and just started crying. Even now typing this makes my eyes mist up.

I thought Karl would be the one guy who would stick with me. Everyone has become bored with me after a while, and Karl has joined in. Today would have been our 6th wedding anniversary. I still can't believe he just walked away.

Welcome back Hayden! It feels like so long since I spoke to you.

How have you been?


It has been a while. I am doing ok thanks, how are you?! xx

I'd good thank you.

Got the birthday this weekend! 27! Argh! lolol!


I'm glad you're here! Where are you these days?? We should really keep in touch! I've been to the UK twice since I last spoke with you.

I am still in Manchester... Where did you visit in the UK? How are you doing?! xx

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