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Drunken Easter..

Oh dear, why o why do I get myself into such states? Last year I had a resolution that I wouldn't drink on work night because I know I can get drunk, will call in sick and will end up losing my job. Friday night I went out for a few drinks and I knew I would stay out pretty late, what I didn't know is how drunk I would actually get...

.. Saturday morning I went into work drunk. Yes, DRUNK! I was almost 2 hours late, absolutely wasted and really was a mess. My boss was pretty angry to be fair and wasn't sure whether to allow me to deliver my mail but I did and in the end I was ok. Just had the worst hangover ever. Oops. I have been drunk before but never that bad... ?!

I worked Sat night in the bar and that was pretty boring to be honest as there was hardly any customers which is very unusual for a Saturday. :( I think most went out on the Thurs/Friday...

After work on Sat/Sunday Morning I went straight to my mates party and basically spent the day drinking and getting wrecked. First time I had Absinthe - EEEK! I was sick several times!! Have you ever had it??

Monday was basically spent recovering, sleeping, eating and feeling bloody awful. I can't complain because it was a good weekend. :)

Hope your Easter was a good one?!


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I daren't have Absinthe.

How is Princess??

She is doing great thanks.... currently licking my hand!! haha

tsk, tsk! Shame on you going to work drunk! :p

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