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Back.. For good!

OK, I have said this many times but this time I mean it. I have bought myself a new swanky doody super duper fab PC which I hope won't crash or go from slow to STOP all the time! Accessing some sites including LJ, Facebook..etc were a nightmare.

Anyway, How are you all?? I really have missed this site. I have so much reading to catch up on! Eeek!

Back to today's blog:

Today was a pretty awful day, I had so much mail to deliver and these stupid leaflets to every house. I did arrange to meet up with a friend but had to cancel because my feet were really hurting. I'm not working on Friday so am going to hopefully meet up with him tomorrow and stay out all night. I need a night out!!

Nothing else to report.... so gonna go grab a quick bit of food and bed I think.

Hope all are well.


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Thank you!! How are youuu?¬ x

YAY i want you to come visit me!!! i tried texting your phone the other day but you didn't reply.

I never got any text.. :( Try again... +447912789452 xx

I am soooo glad to see you back! I have missed you Haydn! :) *hugs*

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