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I'm Back!!
I seem to do this every year.... I seem to go really quiet on this website, I don't know why but who cares because I'm back!

So how are you all?!

I have missed this site, I have missed you guys and girls and I have missed writing up about my life, even the bad parts!!

Hope to get back in touch with you all.


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YAY!!! I have missed having you around here hun!! I hate it when my friends leave LJ. I live here, no really, I do. *points to the bed in the corner* ^.^

LOL What ya like...... hehe

*stupid Canadian moment here* What does "What ya like" mean again? lol

Happy you're back. Hope all is well with you and Princess.

Hello, hope you and your beautiful kitty are okay!

Geez... I wonder what happened to you. You always post, where my other gay LJ friend doesn;t... and suddenly he's posting all the time and you've gone MIA!!

I'm in a slump, but okay all the same!

hellooo!!!! so nice to see u back!!!

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