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Boring Weekend..

This weekend has been pretty boring to be honest. I worked yesterday morning, did some shopping, watched TV and that was about it for the rest of the day/night. I have to say though - Dr Who was absolutely fantastic. The episode made me feel very proud to be British. I even cried! Awww!

Today was the same - shopped, eat food, slept and just chilled out. I have finally arranged for the kitten to be re-homed. A friend has kindly offered to take her off me and will do this week. He's going to call her Dot because of the white dot of hair on her back. It's quite cute. I took more pictures for you to see and she is gorgeous:


Dott 002_E  Dott 003_E  Dott 004_E

Working tomorrow and so don't want to go in. I just know it will be super busy and I am on the evening shift all week so by Friday I will be absolutely exhausted. Dan is coming over tomorrow night and then on Tuesday were off to Ikea with Dan2 so that should be a laugh! :) I need to look for new bedroom furniture for when I move as I don't think the furniture I have now will survive another move. We shall have to wait and see.

Don't think there is much more to report... so night folks!


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I'm behind a week on Doctor Who, but I'm definitely going to catch up in the next few days and I can't wait to see this ep now. I'm loving Martha Jones, she's so much more capable than Rose was (I do miss Micky the Idiot though).

I'm still undecided on who is the better 'companion' - Rose was great but Martha is just as great. Grr! lol

You'll love Dr Who this week. :)

Hehe your kitten looks shocked in every picture!!

Well she is a kitten and having someone stand over you with a flashy camera would scare anyone! :p

Just got caught up on Doctor Who. Holy crap. Those were two very awesome episodes. Why isn't everyone watching this show?

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