oh I'm back!
I so miss writing my blog, I have said this so many times but writing about my day., how in feeling etc is such a release. if I was a counsellor I would recommend this to my patients. lol so how is everybody?! last night was awesome, and I felt so sound to be british, not english, british. we went to an open air screening of the last night of the proms. we got quite drunk, enjoyed the best in classical music and all sung to 'rule britainnia' was fantastic. then finished the night drinking and listening to music. couldn't ask for a better weekend. now all I want is to chill out and enjoy the sun while it lasts. lol so, like I said... how is everybody? x x

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Uncle Haydn

I just found out my sister has given birth to a healthy baby boy… I’m an Uncle! Woo! It’s weird because I was going to buy her a card in preparation but didn’t. I need to now!

Oh I am so happy! Wooooo! hehe x

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Simply No Time..

I promised I would start writing more in my diary but I really haven’t had the time. In fact, these days I barely have time to eat let alone write an entry. But it’s all good… Because over the past 6 weeks my life has changed so much it’s unreal. For the better? – I really don’t know.

First I better update things with me and Dan – We lasted a good 5 weeks before it came to an end. We did everything far to quickly and from week 2 we were practically living together. We would spend almost every waking moment together and for someone who had been single for such a long time I found this pretty difficult. Don’t get me wrong, I was really into Dan in a big way and visa versa but things got to much and I ended it one drunken night.

Secondly – I no longer work at Royal Mail. I quit the job over a month ago because I felt I was being treated unfairly and because I knew the changes they were bringing in wouldn’t be good for me, the customer or even the company. Fortunately my boss at the bar wanted me to work full time and has accommodated my hours perfectly. Although I have to work alot more as my hourly pay is different, I know I am valued as a team member and feel I am treated fairly. My boss is now putting me forward for training to earn my own Personal License which means that if she is away, I can effectively run the club in her absence and deal with the police should I need too. She also want’s to make me Bar Supervisor which is great news. I don’t think it’s extra money but it’s experience.

Ideally one day I would like to own/run a pub, bar or club… so any experience is good experience.

Last week I had to kick out my flat mate, the b..tard stole from me. He got sacked from his last job for stealing and I should of really seen the sort of person he was then, a thief, a liar and a cheat. He didn’t even defend himself when I accused him of stealing but knew he had because my money jar had money missing. He still owes me money and I plan to take him to a small claims court to get it back. He has no idea what’s coming to him…

Umm… I am sure there so much more but I can’t think!

Like I said, my life has changed so much recently and getting time to sit down, relax and think has become a rarity. I really am going to try and make more of an effort to update my journal, and read others too.

Hope all are well…


Drunken Easter..

Oh dear, why o why do I get myself into such states? Last year I had a resolution that I wouldn't drink on work night because I know I can get drunk, will call in sick and will end up losing my job. Friday night I went out for a few drinks and I knew I would stay out pretty late, what I didn't know is how drunk I would actually get...

.. Saturday morning I went into work drunk. Yes, DRUNK! I was almost 2 hours late, absolutely wasted and really was a mess. My boss was pretty angry to be fair and wasn't sure whether to allow me to deliver my mail but I did and in the end I was ok. Just had the worst hangover ever. Oops. I have been drunk before but never that bad... ?!

I worked Sat night in the bar and that was pretty boring to be honest as there was hardly any customers which is very unusual for a Saturday. :( I think most went out on the Thurs/Friday...

After work on Sat/Sunday Morning I went straight to my mates party and basically spent the day drinking and getting wrecked. First time I had Absinthe - EEEK! I was sick several times!! Have you ever had it??

Monday was basically spent recovering, sleeping, eating and feeling bloody awful. I can't complain because it was a good weekend. :)

Hope your Easter was a good one?!


Back.. For good!

OK, I have said this many times but this time I mean it. I have bought myself a new swanky doody super duper fab PC which I hope won't crash or go from slow to STOP all the time! Accessing some sites including LJ, Facebook..etc were a nightmare.

Anyway, How are you all?? I really have missed this site. I have so much reading to catch up on! Eeek!

Back to today's blog:

Today was a pretty awful day, I had so much mail to deliver and these stupid leaflets to every house. I did arrange to meet up with a friend but had to cancel because my feet were really hurting. I'm not working on Friday so am going to hopefully meet up with him tomorrow and stay out all night. I need a night out!!

Nothing else to report.... so gonna go grab a quick bit of food and bed I think.

Hope all are well.


A Very Late...

I'm so sorry for the delay in posting. This Christmas I really haven't stopped. I've worked my butt off and may have over done it..

I do however hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and I hope your New Year will be filled with everything you desire.

Love Always, Haydn xxx

I'm Back!!
I seem to do this every year.... I seem to go really quiet on this website, I don't know why but who cares because I'm back!

So how are you all?!

I have missed this site, I have missed you guys and girls and I have missed writing up about my life, even the bad parts!!

Hope to get back in touch with you all.


Update: Princess
I got a call last night from the Vet's and they confirmed after blood tests and an ultra-scan that she has a condition called: Pyometra - which is an infection of the uterus. The Vet said they have her on a drip and are giving her fluids for the time being and would either operate last night or this morning. The solution is to have her spayed and cleaned out.

She said Princess was doing really well and was quite happy. :)

They also said that I might be able to collect her today, if she's not 100% after the operation they might keep her in another night. I am so pleased.

I am to call in a few hours to find out what the state of play is and can update again! :)

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Princess is in Hospital..

image .. I mentioned a few days ago my concern for Princess and I honestly thought she was on the mend but today I decided it was best I get her checked up by the Vet. I took her down, they had a look at her and they asked me to take her to the Animal Hospital which I did as she may need surgery. They got me to sign some forms and they took her in for the night.

It turns out she has an infection in her "bits" and does need to be removed. I'm not exactly sure what they will do but hopefully she'll be alright and I can see her real soon. I cannot express how I felt when I had to say goodbye to her, it's funny because around 6 months ago I was talking about giving her away and now - I can't bare to see her go. I was told I am to call around 10pm tonight to find out what they plan to do with her...etc.

The vet said it'll probably cost around £250 but my insurance will cover that (minus the excess). Woo! I am so glad I took out insurance I really am.

Anyways, I am doing some cleaning before she comes back. She's scared of the hoover so the sooner it's done the better. No idea when she is back but soon as poss. I guess I will find out tonight at 10pm!

Will update REAL soon.


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Princess Trainers..

Aww.. I had to take a picture of Princess and her new found love of my new shoe box! How cute?! lol

Princess Trainers!

She's crazy!! x



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